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Home » Ronny Mittag to face Patrick Wojcicki on March 17 in Hannover

Ronny Mittag to face Patrick Wojcicki on March 17 in Hannover

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Team Sauerland confirmed the fight after they got the green light from  the IBF. The duel is a popular one for the German middleweight division. A win for Olympian Wojcicki would mean he could climb into the top 15 of the IBF leaderboard.

If Ronny “High Noon” win’s, he would have conquered the hearts of Berliners and would be in for a fight for the World Boxing crown against Gennady Golovkin.

Wojcicki: “Mittag is a tough opponent, but I’m just looking forward to this fight in Hannover.”

Sauerland CEO Frederick Ness: “We want to show the fans on March 17 exciting fights with many fighters from Lower Saxony. The main fight between German boxers Patrick Wojcicki and Ronny Mittag could be a highlight of the short boxing season. “”I will continue to march towards the IBF title and Gennady Golovkin, and let nothing stop me, not even Wolf Wojcicki.”

Wiking boss Spiering is convinced of victory: “We will not only hunt the wolf in his homeland, but also bring him down in front of his pack. He has to show a better performance than last time against the Czech Anatoli Hunanyan.

Otherwise he will not hear the final bell. We Vikings are very proud to have brought Ronny so far. Our journey to the world championship fight for the IBF title will not be stopped by Wojcicki or any competitor.

The Undercard is features Artur Mann (cruiserweight) and Besir Ay (super middleweight) Both are Hanoverians.