Eddie Hearn praises WBC, WBA drug testing progress, hopes IBF, WBO follow suit

WBN 23/01/2018

Eddie Hearn is pleased where boxing is heading over drug testing procedures and sees random testing as the way forward.

The Matchroom promoter, who recently responded to steroid claims by star fighter Anthony Joshua’s forthcoming opponent Joseph Parker, stated that two out of the four governing bodies were ahead of the pack in the race to push the disease out of the sport for good.

“I think what we’re seeing from the governing bodies is that they are really stepping up their game on the testing processes,” Hearn told The Independent.

“Both the WBC and the WBA now have random VADA testing and the only way you’re going to catch these people really is through random testing. Hopefully, the WBO and IBF follow suit so there are no gaps.

“The issue is certainly not as developed and extensive as cheating in cycling but some of these fighters are dealing with doctors who will know how to cheat a system.

“Random testing is the only way to eradicate it from the sport,” he added.

Since the introduction of tougher testing procedures, a spate of positive results followed to show how apparent the problem actually was.

Many of the failures were also high-profile former world champions who have been able to continue their careers with minimum fuss due to fairly short punishments.

It’s widely believed a mandatory two-year ban, similar to that in athletics, should be brought in across the board to make anyone intent on cheating think twice or possibly avoid taking any banned substances altogether.

Some of those caught out have genuinely taken a supplement without knowledge of what it may contain, which represents yet another problem entirely with the education and awareness of coaches and camp members.