What next for Tyson Fury after British Board clearance?

RINGSIDE 20/01/2018

After a long spell out Tyson Fury has received in principle approval from the top British boxing chiefs to have his license suspension revoked, once they receive his latest medical records.

Fury had been suspended from professional boxing in 2016 on account of medical and anti-doping issues.

The decision has spelled good news for bookies, with bets on who Fury’s comeback fight likely to make them a fair amount of money. In recent years the combination of gambling and boxing has been taken to the next level with Canadian casinos online, which offer several interesting boxing themed slot games. The boxing world is likely to go in frenzy after Fury makes his comeback, after his incredible victory over Wladimir Klitschko in 2015, which had generated record betting interest across the United Kingdom.

What’s next for Fury?

It is a well-known fact Fury needs to shed a few pounds before he can enter the ring since he claimed the titles from Klitschko in 2015, in what was the Ukrainian fighter’s first defeat in over 11 years. Since then, Fury has also parted ways with his coach and mentor – his uncle, Peter Fury.

Presently, Fury is now training under the guidance of Ben Davison as he prepares himself to get back into the ring after his prolonged absence, for a comeback fight that could be scheduled for this summer. Fury has repeatedly indicated that he has targeted April for his grand return with a series of fights against the biggest names in the division.

For the time being, Fury has offered to help New Zealand’s Joseph Parker for his fight against heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua, for their fight scheduled on 31st March of this year. “If you want I’ll come spar you when [you’re] in the UK training for the fight. It will help both me and you. You won’t find better sparring than me I promise you. Let me know pal?”, tweeted Fury on Thursday.

Who will Fury fight?

Sources within the boxing industry have suggested that Tyson Fury’s first opponent after his two year-long hiatus is likely to be the reigning heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua, who defeated Klitschko in a thrilling fight in August, 2017. The champion has expressed his willingness to take on Fury in the ring, going to the extent of saying that he’ll “knock his block off”.

“I’m deadly serious about fighting him, I’m deadly serious too and I see a serious man, when he’s reaching out and I’m reaching out we’re both serious about getting this fight on”, said Joshua to iFL TV.

While Joshua has made it abundantly clear that he wishes to take Fury on toe-to-toe, he maintains that he’ll be there for Fury if he needs any help or support. The fight between the two champions could take place as early as the coming summer, revealed Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn, if the two parties are willing to sit down and about it face-to-face.

The comeback has opened up some exciting new possibilities in the British boxing circuit, but it remains to be seen whether Fury can work his magic after his prolonged absence.