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Home » Last Chance Saloon: Eddie Hearn publicly warns Dave Allen

Last Chance Saloon: Eddie Hearn publicly warns Dave Allen

The Matchroom boss chose to warn Allen in front of the media present that his career in title bouts in under threat when he faces off against Lenroy Thomas in a rematch.

Allen lost on points to Thomas in Sheffield on the Brook v Errol Spence bill last year and Hearn doesn’t see how the Yorkshireman can be pitched in for further belts if the result goes the same way in March.

“This time you have to fight with desperation. This time you’ve got 36 minutes and, if you don’t win it, you won’t get another chance,” Hearn said to Allen across the table.

“This is it, for you. You have to make this count. You’ll get paid well but you won’t get the titles. You’ve got to rip it off him (Thomas).

“I was going to tell you privately but I thought I’d tell you in front of everybody.

The 25 year-old ‘White Rhino’ answered back by stating: “I know, I know and I appreciate that. I act the clown but I’m nobody’s fool.”

Prior to Hearn’s interjection, Allen had explained his out of the ring persona sometimes leads fans to think he’s unable to back up his talk.

“People think I’m just a funny man but I can fight. I can definitely beat Lenroy Thomas because he’s not that good! That’s what hurt the most,” he pointed out.

“When Dillian Whyte and Luis Ortiz beat me, I thought ‘I can accept that’ as they can fight. When Lenroy Thomas beat me I thought: He’s not really that good. That’s the made thing about it.

“So at Cardiff, I thought I’ll get my self into the best shape possible because I really want to beat him. It didn’t come off (was cancelled) but I took it on the chin.

“I want to win the Commonwealth title. It will mean a lot to me.

“I’m not going to shake his hand after the fight because I don’t like him. At Brammall Lane it was my night and I just got complacent.

“I want to stop him in one round, which I probably won’t. I’m not that sharp but I will beat him up,” added Allen.