Shocker: Ogawa’s controversial Farmer win now even more so, positive test revealed

WBN 19/01/2018

Many thought Kenichi Ogawa played his part in a competitive match-up on December 9 but ultimately the general consensus was that Tevin Farmer did enough to claim the vacant super-featherweight title at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Fast forward just a few short weeks, and Ogawa’s reign as champion is under considerable threat following the revelation the Japanese fighter tested positive for TWO FORMS of synthetic steroids in a build-up urine sample. 

According to Dan Rafael of ESPN, Ogawa’s results only just came through and were negative after the contest, although the pair of failures prior should be enough to breed a ruling on the matter at an upcoming hearing in March.

Farmer’s promoter Lou DiBella, who was livid at the time of the decision, gave his thoughts on the matter.

“You want to talk about a roller-coaster ride. I’m sort of stunned by this,” DiBella told ESPN.

“I thought Tevin Farmer won that fight. Ogawa put out a great effort in the fight. He was like an Energizer bunny. He was aggressive but not effectively aggressive and he took a lot of peppering from Tevin, and now to find out he tested positive is remarkable. It looks like Tevin Farmer is going to get the opportunity to win that title again after all.”

Adding his contempt at the continued link to drugs in boxing, DiBella said: “I’m always disappointed to have it re-emphasized how big of a problem we have but I think there should be zero tolerance.

“It’s extremely prevalent and it’s dangerous. That being said, there’s a relief. After everything this guy (Farmer) went through, and to have that tainted loss that I didn’t think was a loss at all — now I will call Tevin Farmer and say, ‘Guess what, buddy? Looks like you probably didn’t lose,'” he stated.

The likeliness is the Ogawa will face some sort of sanction if found guilty and Farmer will battle another contender for the title previously owned by Gervonta Davis.