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Home » Fans plead for huge Pacquiao v Lomachenko clash to be agreed

Fans plead for huge Pacquiao v Lomachenko clash to be agreed

Pacquiao had stated his intentions to target Lomachenko when outlining his plans to return to the ring in the coming months.

The Filipino eight-weight champion said: “I’m not retired yet. I’m still okay.

“My promise to the people is it (my return) will not affect my job (as Senator).

“April, it’s a good idea (to fight Lomachenko) as we’re off March 23 to May 13. So April, we have no jobs,” said Pacquiao to ABS-CBN.

A fight between Pacquiao and Lomachenko was then addressed by promoter Bob Arum as fans speculated a massive torch-passing bout could happen at around 137 or 138 pounds.

“Pacquiao seems like he wants to come back, so we’re trying to get that finalized,” said Arum.

Less than a day later, and Klimas weighed in with his view and effectively killed the fight stone dead by predicting Pacquiao was now a has-been and not worth pursuing by the Ukrainian.

“Sometimes it can’t be all about eight or seven figures. Sometimes has to be about respect for legends and others. When you have your goals to reach it can’t be just about the money,” said Klimas.

“Manny is legendary and a very respectful fighter, but he is non-active. He is done and Loma won’t take advantage of it just beating a legend to get his name.

“We have better route fighting active champions in our weight class. Stay tune you will see and say WOW!”

A mass of the pay-per-view paying public then called for ‘Pac-Loma’ to be made through social media avenues on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, although many are not holding their breath that the huge encounter ever makes it over the line for the spring or beyond.

Pacquiao is reportedly being set-up to feature on an undercard for the first time in many years, whilst Lomachenko is aiming to build on his straightforward win over the much-smaller Guillermo Rigondeaux last month, possibly at 135 pounds.