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Pacquiao wants Lomachenko, weight issue the sticking point

Pacquiao has confirmed he has no plans to retire and sees a match-up with Lomachenko as one of the biggest fights out there for his return.

Speaking to host Karen Davila on ANC’s Headstart on Wednesday morning, Pacquiao clarified his decision to box on.

“I’m not retired yet. I’m still okay.”

On his duties as Senator being affected by the extension of his career, Pacquiao added: “My promise to the people is it will not affect my job.” April, it’s a good idea that we’re off March 23 to May 13. So April, we have no jobs,” he said.

ABS-CBN reported Pacquiao’s team have targeted Lomachenko and that talks have already begun. 

On Pacquiao’s decision, promoter Bob Arum said: “Pacquiao seems like he wants to come back, so we’re trying to get that finalized.”

Lomachenko is contemplating a move up from 130 pounds on the back of what turned out to be an easy win over a much smaller Guillermo Rigondeaux in December, whilst Pacquiao could probably still make 140 pounds or just above with relative ease given enough time.

All hinges on a weight stipulation being agreed, although Lomachenko may not be willing to go anywhere north of 135 pounds.

At the age of 39, it’s debatable whether the ‘Pacman’ could get down as low as that, having not boxed at the lightweight limit for almost a decade.

Stopping David Diaz in June 2008 at the Mandalay Bay seems a world away, although money talks and Lomachenko may well agree to a one-off super-lightweight affair should the paycheck be high enough.

Watch this space…