Shocker: Commentator Al Bernstein victim of X-rated hack (WARNING – sensitive material)

WBN 14/01/2018

Stateside and UK commentator Al Bernstein has revealed he was the victim of a shocking hack after pornographic material appeared on his Twitter ‘likes’ on Saturday night.

The x-rated ‘Brazzers’ post was flagged by several followers of Al, who informed Bernstein of the problem before an apology was soon released.

“We believe someone hacked my Twitter account and some unfortunate material ended up on my timeline.

“We are working to fix the situation,” said Bernstein, a respected member of the boxing fraternity.


The 67 year-old has worked with Showtime in the United States and Channel 5 across the pond in recent years and is a member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame.

Much-revered for his opinion on the sport, Bernstein was unreserved with his embarrassment and went on to tweet further that same night once the problem was fixed.