Exclusive: Tyson Fury coach Ben Davison fires Anthony Joshua warning, puts top heavies on notice

Joe Hewlett 13/01/2018

Ben Davison has sent a stark warning to the top operators in the heavyweight division, alongside current king Anthony Joshua.

As new fighter Tyson Fury plots a massive reappearance into the 200 pounds-plus ranks, Davison says the rejuvenated star is as sharp as ever in training.

With a boxing license application being considered, Davison believes Fury will soon be ready to take out the best around one-by-one.

“Tyson can adapt, he can do everything. If it means him boxing southpaw for the whole fight, then he will fight southpaw for the whole fight. If it means he has to box on the back foot for the whole fight, then he’ll box on the back foot for the whole fight. If it means he has to come forward and be the one to set the tempo then he can do it. Or if he has to go head to head with Joshua then he can. Anything that has to be done to win, Tyson can do. He has all the capabilities to do it,” Davison exclusively told World Boxing News.

“He has absolutely everything. Anybody who gets in the ring with Tyson, you have to try and deal with the attributes of ten different fighters because he can box in such a variety of different ways which makes it very hard.

“People underestimate Tyson’s punching power because he can box so cleanly, not get caught with much and make things easy for himself, you don’t really see him blasting people out as often as you did in his early part of career but that’s his choice. If he wants to stand and trade, he can and that’s a big shock for people who get in the ring with him.


“All the other fighters know that Tyson is the biggest threat for all of the fighters (world champions). You’ve heard Anthony Joshua say it. And when a man has so many attributes, he’s not just a puncher, he’s not just a boxer, he can do everything.

“He’s got size, he’s got reach, speed, power, boxing ability, can fight, good chin, plenty of heart, everything that all the other fighters, he brings that and plus three or four different styles he can do it in,” he added.

Fury, 29, is planning an April comeback under the Frank Warren banner after linking up with MTK Global for his long-awaited return to action.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95