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Home » Former British Champion Ian ‘Dappa’ Napa in cry for help, ex-boxers rally

Former British Champion Ian ‘Dappa’ Napa in cry for help, ex-boxers rally

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As he approaches his 40th birthday, Napa made a cry for help, outlining drinking and housing problems before stating, ‘he’d rather be dead in a shocking Facebook post.

Napa shot to fame during the mid-2000s with a run on Sky Sports under the Matchroom promotional banner, with a series of exciting fights on the top British platform.

The retired Napa, who bowed out after defeat to Martin Ward in 2011, claimed numerous titles during a thirteen-year pro career.

Now fallen on hard times, former boxers have rallied around Londoner Napa, who had been training at Muscle Works Gym in his native Stoke Newington, Hackney recently.

WBC world title challenger Rendall Munroe said: “Brother, don’t let things pull u down. You were a looked-up-to person years ago, and you will still be for years to come.

“I was blessed to be warming up in a changing room with you have wanted to reach your heights and stardom. People like you kept me positive about what I wanted and where I wanted to go.

“Yes, we have hard times when we call it a day because a big chunk of your life you are no longer doing, and without it, you feel a little lost. But u have to find something new to keep you going.”

“A lot of people don’t know I was finding it hard, but what kept me going was that I know a few or a lot of younger boxers and kids look to me as a role model, and that’s what kept me positive.”

Ashley Sexton, who last fought in 2016, replied with: “Big love for you, bro. This life is hard, but you a tough guy and will come through this.

“You know what it’s like (when you’re) phone blowing up when you on Sky Sports and money in your pocket.

“Then, when your not the same people ghost – but keep your circle small, keep your head on work and kids. Just keep punching, brother,” he added.

Another example of a boxer struggling to deal with the end of a short career in the sport, WBN would like to send our best wishes to Ian Napa for the future.