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Home » Tyson Fury responds to Anthony Joshua: I’m ready this summer, don’t s*** yourself!

Tyson Fury responds to Anthony Joshua: I’m ready this summer, don’t s*** yourself!

Joshua, for the second time in recent interviews, stated he doesn’t believe Fury is ready to trade blows, although the former champion himself disagrees wholeheartedly.

Speaking to The Daily Mail, Joshua had said: “That’s (A fight with Tyson Fury) more of a fantasy at the moment. It’s just that he’s not fit and he hasn’t had a fight.

“The ball is in his court. We’ve stayed consistent, we’ve defended the titles we’ve won and we’ve captured more titles.

“If Fury was still fit, we would probably be talking about Fury for March. It’s not me… I’m definitely consistent and ready to fight anyone.”

Fury isn’t fazed by the fact he’s been out for two and a half years and says he wants the fight in the coming months, without even having a warm-up.

“Just seen Anthony Joshua trying to play my challenge down saying I’ve not had a fight and I’m not fit. (But) I’m ready for this summer (so) don’t s*** yourself now it’s been put on you,” said Fury.

“When you’re the lineal champion in your division, you’re number one even without alphabet titles, the truth. So whatever people want to say it will be ‘AJ’ challenging me for my status – the lineal heavyweight champion!

“Some fighters and promotors lose there self in all the hype, forget who they had to rob to get a belt!

“There will never be another Tyson fury, for many reasons,” he added.

As a unification with Joseph Parker looms, Fury continues to train for a potential bout in April or May but could be prepared to wait until after Joshua’s next fight in a bid to be in the mix.

Parker’s team have flown to the UK for a meeting to possibly put pen to paper for a contest which will eventually mean the winner holds four world title belts.