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1984 US Olympic champ charged with molestation, child porn possesion

The 1984 squad, including Evander Holyfield and Henry Tillman, would make headlines around the world for claiming an astonishing eleven medals from their twelve participants.

Included was a young 106-pound contender named Paul Gonzales, whose follow-up in the WBN write-up reported his pro career achievements: “Gonzales would challenge for the world bantamweight title in 1990, losing out to Orlando Canizales via stoppage on cuts and would retire in 1991 after two more defeats.”

Gonzales would then move on to coach youngsters in his East Los Angeles community hailed as the first Mexican-American to win gold at the Olympic Games.


Gonzales ‘ reputation has now taken a sinister turn for the worse after years of what many perceived as sterling work and on the back of recognition by the governing bodies.

Police have confirmed Gonzales, now 53, has been charged with eight felonies relating to children’s abuse, which stems from accusations made by a 13-year-old girl training in the gym where he now works.

“We are very concerned that there are more victims out there,” Sherrif’s Special Victims Bureau Lt. Todd Deeds, with the sheriff’s special victims bureau, told the LA Times regarding Gonzales, who has had constant contact with children for some time.

For the past ten years, Gonzalez has been employed at Eddie Heredia Boxing Club on Olympic Boulevard on a $60,000 per year salary and has been working with pupils from the age of 8 to 19 years of age.

Arrested on December 29, police also confirmed Gonzales is holed up at Men’s Central Jail on $545,000 bail and has four counts of being involved in lewd acts with a child and possession of child pornography hanging over his head and could be sentenced to up to 18 years if found guilty.


Claims have been made that Gonzales ‘groomed’ the young girl and coerced her into a sexual relationship.

The case continues…