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Ohara Davies: I would never mock a tragedy, I’m not a bad guy!

The Briton was accused of insensitive comments regarding the Hillsborough Disaster in which 96 Liverpool fans died when bidding to get under the skin of prospective opponent Tommy Coyle.

After facing the wrath of both Hearn and Charlie Sims, Davies was pulled from a scheduled O2 Arena appearance in February and it was initially feared he’d be dropped by both.

That may not be the case though as Davies has since shown a huge dose of remorse and has now tried to explain why he’s acted in such a manner in recent years.

“My mouth has always been my tool to generate interest and, with a limited amateur career, it got me further than I would ever be by staying silent,” Davies told Sky Sports.

“I was booed for things I intentionally said. I said certain things to Derry Mathews and I meant them. They booed me because they knew the full intent of what I said. Whenever I have had anything to say, I have said it. But this incident I have not enjoyed because it’s not in my character to say these things.

“I will disrespect opponents. I disrespect them physically, I disrespect their fight records, I disrespect their boxing ability, but no way would I ever mock a tragedy. I am outspoken but I know where to draw the line.

“People think they know me, but they don’t. People think I’m more arrogant than I actually am. I’ve never had issues with other fighters in my gym – if I’m the way you perceive me to be, how could I have lasted so long?

“People have tried to paint me as a bad guy but I’m not,” he added.

Davies continues to be linked with a fight against Coyle, potentially in March or April on the Dillian Whyte v Lucas Browne undercard, should negotiations for both bouts go smoothly between all parties in the coming weeks.