Floyd Mayweather’s worst career decision won’t please Bob Arum

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Esther Lin

Floyd Mayweather has laid into Bob Arum and his Top Rank promotional team in an eye-watering interview with FightHype recently.

The near 41-year-old, who only ever gives online interviews to the popular outlet, revealed his career-low when specifically asked about the subject.

Mayweather said: “As of today, the worst thing I ever did in my career was a sign with Top Rank. One of my family members was money hungry and went behind my back. That’s the worst thing I ever did.

“The worst thing I did was a sign with Top Rank because I was destined to be big anyway. I was destined to be a superstar anyway.”

He continued in his FightHype exclusive: “Bob Arum is a bitter bitch. ‘You made more money off of fighters than fighters make. So be happy with that. Go live your life and chill.

Floyd Mayweather
Esther Lin

“You’re that old. You’re almost 90-years-old, and you still want more money?

“Listen, I’m only 40, and I can’t buy anything else. What the f*** are you trying to buy at 90? You can’t buy anything else at 90. Do you want a new suit? Why do you want a new suit when you’ve got 40 years’ worth of suits.”

The statements could be the clearest admission, yet Mayweather is not looking to improve his current monetary standing despite constant rumors of a 51st boxing match or even a move into MMA.

According to Conor McGregor’s handler, talks with Dana White’s UFC have been held, although Mayweather seems content to let it lie following victory over the Irishman back in August.