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Will Floyd Mayweather join the UFC? There’s a ton of cash at stake

Of course, one of the most popular events was the legendary Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Conor McGregor boxing event.

As you are probably aware, McGregor is part of the UFC competitions and Floyd Mayweather is a boxer. However, the match that took place in August was fought under boxing rules and regulations and Mayweather won it.

Mayweather vs. McGregor: A spectacular match

This event broke many records in terms of income for the participants and the organizers. Millions of people paid to watch this match live on their TVs and computers. As a result of this success, the president of UFC Dana White is thinking about throwing another fight between these two fighters, but in a different way.

Namely, White believes that he can reach a deal with Floyd “Money” Mayweather and that the boxer will actually start competing in the famous UFC Octagon. A few days before the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, Mayweather himself taunted McGregor saying that he can always join the UFC and that he can easily win the title. Of course, McGregor said that this would be a great idea even though he was not convinced that Floyd would win the UFC title.

Will Mayweather join the UFC?

Most of the fans thought that Mayweather was just trying to humiliate his opponent and that he is not serious about his UFC venture. However, not long after that, Floyd Mayweather has created a live video on Periscope and shared his thoughts there. He said that he can go to the UFC at any time and earn one billion dollars for just a few fights. Of course, he also said that he will win these fights without any hassles.

These thoughts and claims grabbed the attention of Dana White and the UFC president replied by telling the public that he will be glad to see the famous boxer in UFC and that he has actually started negotiating with his team.

After that, Mayweather made another public statement saying that he was not serious about this. Yet, the story doesn’t end here – Dana White was part of FS1’s Undisputed where he shared additional information, he said that he will meet Mayweather’s team representatives in the next days. Obviously, this is not a done deal, but there is a real chance that UFC will get another extraordinary fighter. As a matter of fact, there are a few online casinos that are allowing their users to place bets on one single question – Will Mayweather join the UFC? You can visit to check the best casinos and find one that has an offer like this.

Dane White reminded the audience that no one believed that Mayweather would actually fight McGregor, but as we have witnessed this event has happened and it was a true delight for every fan of combat sports.

In addition to White’s efforts to attract the boxer to the UFC, he also wants to enter the boxing market in 2018. He also wants to promote boxing events. Dana White has created Zuffa boxing in order to support his business venture. We all know how successful White was in the world of mixed martial arts, but we will have to see how he will fit in the world of boxing.

There is a lot of money at stake now. Mayweather obviously wants to cash in big money from a transfer like this, while Dana White counts on his popularity as a way to get more fans and subscriptions. At the same time, online casinos are creating new offers related to these latest developments. In any case, 2018 will be another exciting year for combat sports fans.