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Home » Does Brett Fidoe have The Cereal Killer’s number?

Does Brett Fidoe have The Cereal Killer’s number?

This time out, the International challenge belt is on the line as they look to square up at the Village Hotel in Bury on 16th February.

An underwhelming performance from the Cereal Killer last time out saw Fidoe get the nod and the bragging rights over Christmas.

Brennan is still aggrieved by this and whilst he can admit he wasn’t on his game that night believes he just has too much for the more experienced Brummie.

George says over eight rounds his class will shine through and he will show he is really a level above him over championship distance.

Fidoe, on the other hand, believes he has the Cereal Killer’s number and is looking forward to what he see’s as a repeat of the first bout regardless of how good Brennan rates himself.

Either way, there’ll be fireworks on the night and with the challenge belt on the line, both will be determined to see themselves crowned the champion.

For tickets please contact the boxers themselves via social media or Kieran Farrell. Article by Dennis dodge for Kieran Farrell Promotions.