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Home » ‘Big announcement in next ten days will shock everyone’ – Amir Khan

‘Big announcement in next ten days will shock everyone’ – Amir Khan

During a media assault on the back of a stint in the celebrity jungle, Khan explained his focus is now on his career on the back of sorting out his previous hand injury and much-publicised marital problems.

“I felt going in the jungle would get me away from a lot of stuff that has happened in my life in the last few years,” Khan told talkSPORT.

“It was like a detox, being with new friends, being away from your home.

“If I was sat at home not doing anything, I would have got depressed, I would have got so bored, I wouldn’t have known what to do with myself.

“Now knowing I don’t have to go into a boxing ring or go into training camps having injections in my hand, I am going to be more confident. The straight right is my best shot so I can’t wait to use it properly. It feels better than ever.

“All my career I have had this pain and now to have none is amazing.”

Khan then teased some huge news was to come by adding: “I haven’t fought in the UK for seven years. It is time to come back home now so I am looking at fighting in March.

“Then I plan to fight again in the UK around September time and then at the end of the year I want a big fight, wherever that is.

“There are some big, big announcements I will make within the next ten days before I go back to training camp in America. This is news everyone is going to be shocked hearing.”

The 31 year-old last fought in May 2016 and needs to jumpstart his career in order to secure a potential world title fight in 2018.