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Home » Zou Shiming’s agent denies owing millions, forcing champ to fight injured

Zou Shiming’s agent denies owing millions, forcing champ to fight injured

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Shiming was hospitalized last week after going blind in one eye during a flight to Shanghai, an ailment which is now being blamed on the 36-year-old being forced by SECA into trading blows with Sho Kimura over the summer with a potentially broken eye socket.

Issuing a firm denial and getting lawyers involved, SECA has been fiercely upset about the claims that have come from Shiming’s wife Ran Yingying’s personal chat messages.

“Each boxer would need to go through a medal check-up before they start and signed documents which have to be endorsed by all parties involved,” a statement from SECA read.

“If Zou had been forced to fight, he could easily lodge complaints to the governing body.

“The fight (against Kimura) has violated our agreement. It damaged our legitimate right as his agent.

“At the moment, legal proceedings are in progress. The so-called reports on ‘SECA owes Zou millions of dollars and has taken the capital of Zou’s office” are all groundless,'” they added.

It’s not yet been made clear whether Shiming will be able to fight again in the future. WBN has speculated his career might be over.

Entering the ring again would be unlikely, though. Gaining doctors clearance would be tough for Shiming, having suffered the injuries he has recently.

During his 11-fight professional career, Shiming won one of three world title bouts. He jumped from four to ten rounds just 13 months on from turning pro in 2013.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.