New Tyson Fury trainer Ben Davison explains how relationship began

WBN 20/12/2017
Ben Davison Tyson Fury

stacey verbeek

After leading him to the world heavyweight title in 2015, Tyson Fury has parted company with uncle and now former trainer Peter Fury.

Taking Peter’s place for Fury’s comeback run will be little-known MTK Global trainer Ben Davison, who has links to WBO middleweight champion Billy Joe Saunders.

Explaining how they came together, Davison said the two hit it off immediately when introduced by Saunders and have been working hard on Fury’s fitness ever since.

“That was one of the things. When me and Tyson had a chat, he wanted to see my pattern of thinking. I wanted to see his,” Davison exclusively told Sky Sports.

“We both know what needs to be done to beat the other so-called top heavyweight out there.

“Billy Joe (Saunders) wanted to bring Tyson over to Marbella to give him some structure. Tyson asked me, at the time, if I’d train him for his comeback. I told him to take his time [with a decision] because he had a lot of success with his uncle Peter.


“Tyson was adamant this was the decision he wanted, and I could see he was hungry for it.

“We gelled straight away. He felt like it was what he wanted. We’re the same age so we have a laugh but business is business. When it’s time to work, we work.

“Tyson is very easy to work with because he doesn’t argue, complain or want an easy way out. Whatever I say we do, we do.”

With a massive clash against Anthony Joshua in the balance, Fury knows he can ill-afford any slips on the road to redemption and it’s now up to Davison to prove he’s fully up to the task.