Joshua says he changed his boxing angle from Tyson to Klitschko, is ready for Parker next

Joshua v Parker 20/12/2017

Anthony Joshua admits he looked at Mike Tyson’s heavyweight beginnings when forging his own path in the pro ranks back in 2013.

Fast forward four years, twenty wins, twenty KO’s and three world title belts later, Joshua is now modeling himself on former opponent Wladimir Klitschko.

Just like the chances at Viks Casino Slots, the current king of the division admits he took a gamble at the start of his career which he since decided to change.

“Life is about how you interpret things and when I first started boxing, my interpretation (of boxing) was all about Mike Tyson and the gutter side of it,” Joshua told Sky Sports.

“Then I started realising the discipline and regimen of the likes of Klitschko and how they conduct themselves. So I tried to change the angle.

“But you need that gutterness as well, which I show in the fight, but outside of that, it’s calmness and respect.

“It’s tough sometimes though if someone keeps on poking you, how do you keep a lid on that pot of fire?”

Already a seasoned champion with five world title fights under his belt, Joshua is now preparing for number six, which is set to be against New Zealander Joseph Parker.

“We have to get our hands on another championship belt. Joseph Parker is being very realistic in terms of when he’s going to fight and negotiations,” Joshua said at the recent BBC’s sports personality of the year awards show in Liverpool where he failed to finish in the top three despite being a heavy favorite.

“That’s a fight that potentially could happen some time in March or April.”

Prior to his attendance at the show, where he lost out to Athletics star Sir Mo Farah, Joshua had a chat with promoter Eddie Hearn and filmed it for his social media.

In the clip, Hearn is seen asking Joshua who he wants next and points out Parker is more realistic with negotiations than WBC title holding rival Deontay Wilder.

“Why do you say Parker first?” Joshua asks.

Hearn replies: “Because he is the one who is remotely realistic … remotely realistic.”

Joshua added: “I don’t like to give false promises, but I agree … Parker is remotely realistic in negotiaitons.”

Both then stated Wilder would be next after Parker – all but ruling out a fight with Tyson Fury until the end of this year at the very earliest.

Fury is training for a comeback in the spring and looks likely to face Joshua around the summer of 2019 in a massive blockbuster fight.