Mikey Garcia takes on Sergey Lipinets in bid to become four-weight world champion

Mikey Garcia is an utter phenomenon in the world of boxing and has spent the best part of 2017 proving it.

The American is a really rather special talent and with the boxing field crowded with fighters who talk the talk but often fail to walk the walk it’s no surprise that Garcia stands out. He is not the type to shoot his mouth off and make big proclamations. He is a cold eye killer who walks into the ring, does the job and strolls out with a world championship belt. That is why his record reads 37-0 because he doesn’t think about anything other than being the best in the world. He works hard, trains hard and then wins, it is as simple as that for the American fighter.

There is a reason why he is been ranked by thering.tv as the sixth best boxer in the world right now. This year he began as a lightweight before moving to light welterweight but for a boxer with his talents the weight he fights at doesn’t really make a difference. He comfortably dispatched Dejan Zlatičanin who before he met Garcia was unbeaten. The fight was in January, at the MGM Grand and was not even particularly close with the American ending it in the third round and proving himself to be such a brilliant fighter that he needed no hype or huge statements to be made by his manager, he just needed to be seen in the ring.

The next person to try was Adrien Broner, the fight began with confusion about whether Broner would make the weight. When he did it was expected to be a close fight and for once someone did manage to push Garcia who needed a judge’s decision to win but he made the step from his lightweight fight against Zlatičanin to a light welterweight fight against Broner look easy. It was always clear that he was ahead even after a slow start and no one was surprised to see his arm raised at the end. It was one of only 7 fights in his 37 fight career that went to a decision but he had once again shown that he was one of the best in the world.

Garcia then looked to scout out his next opponent and after a social media call out for Miguel Cotto ended without anything concrete he settled on finding a new victim. There was some talk previously that he might meet Jorge Linares however it was very recently announced that he will take on Sergey Lipinets the current IBF Light Welterweight champion.

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As the latimes.com points out, Garcia is going for history in his next fight as he aims to become a four weight world champion. He has already picked up featherweight, junior lightweight and lightweight titles and if he beats Lipinets will add the light welterweight belt to that collection. The man on the other side of the ring aiming to stop him hails from Kazakhstan and is yet to lose in his 13 fights 10 of which he has won by knockout.

Despite not having that many professional bouts, Lipinets has already proven himself to be a real talent, it might be too early for him to fight Garcia but it is absolutely a match to look forward to. It will be one that is watched across the world and will give us a clue to just how great Garcia is. It is not impossible to imagine him going 40 or more fights without losing or drawing and if he beats Lipinets he will be very close to that mark. It is a great fight to kick off 2018 and will be in San Antonio in the 10th of February, make sure not to miss it!