Tyson Fury makes huge fail on UKAD alongside awesome points on Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder

WBN 17/12/2017

Sitting back to watch a well-put-together Tyson Fury video by BT Sport on Saturday night brought plenty of solid heavyweight points to light.

As Fury dissected his opposition ahead of a comeback, you couldn’t help but believe every word he said was true.

That was until the one-time top division ruler stated he ‘won his case’ against the UK Anti-Doping Agency and wasn’t pulled on it by a seasoned interviewer in John Rawling.

Fury’s comments on Anthony Joshua and how he’d outbox him and the fact that Deontay Wilder would knock him out are for the most part believable, but the sentence where the 29 year-old completely sees himself bereft of any wrongdoing is just hard to swallow.

The fact is Fury was BANNED FOR TWO YEARS for taking steroids and has a lot to prove before he can be fully taken seriously again if he thinks he scored a victory last week.

The harsh reality is that Fury LOST his case and was lucky to get away with not receiving the mandatory four-year sentence.


Avoiding a court battle was best for everyone had Fury threatened to follow through with suing for loss of earnings which didn’t help UKAD in upholding their intentions.

Apart from that, everything Fury said made complete sense and can come true provided everything works out in the coming months.

Watch the video below by BT Sport