Exclusive: History of Cus D’Amato – Broadcast from Genoa, Italy

This article is not an attempt to expose or discredit the legendary coach, who was ahead of his time and brought up three world boxing champions – Floyd Patterson, Jose Torres and Mike Tyson.

For people who know biography and are familiar with the activities of Cus D’Amato facts presented below are not a sensation. Until year of 2017 no one set the task of comprehensive investigation of the phenomenon of the great Cus. Not so long ago, the first book in the history about the style of Cus D’Amato “Non-compromised pendulum” was published. The authors of the book are Ph.D. Oleg Maltsev and student of Cus D’Amato Tom Patti. In November 2017, the second book was announced entitled “Lighting Rod that strikes faster than lighting itself” which is devoted to the history of the origins of Cus D’Amato’s style and its relation with the Neapolitan style of Spanish fencing. In this book, the chapter of Cus’s relation to the criminal tradition takes a special place.

In the history of the twentieth century, it is not easy to find a contradictory personality as Cus D’Amato, he was a genius, mystic, coach, mentor, knight. To get reassured in this, it is enough for one to study two books “Iron Ambition” by Larry Sloman and Mike Tyson and “Confusing the Enemy” by Dr. Scott Weiss and Paige Stover.

Speaking about this outstanding person, Dr. Maltsev mentions interesting facts, that should be noted:

“Cus was living his life like a chivalrous knight”, Larry Sloman wrote about this in the book. He has confirmed the same thing during our personal conversation. Speaking about the South Italian origin of D’Amato family is not surprising. Apulia is famous for its chivalric tradition since the era of Charles V. The Spaniards influenced the formation of culture and lifestyle in Apulia. Besides, the Spaniards played a key role in forming the criminal tradition of this region.

The scientist Oleg Maltsev devoted more than 20 years to the study of Cus D’Amato’s phenomenon. During the same time, he scientifically investigates Italian criminal tradition.

“The life of Cus D’Amato was unusual,” says Dr. Maltsev. His behavior was unpredictable and ideas went far beyond the conventional. Despite the fact that Cus was born in the Bronx, he grew up in an Italian family. His father Damiano D’Amato did not know even English language, he learned it later on. It is clear that the patrimonial heritage had a significant impact on Cus’s life. The South of Italy is famous for its criminal tradition. When we talk about Apulia, this region is considered to be the birthplace of Ndrangheta which is one of the most mysterious criminal structures.

In the early twentieth century Bronx was, perhaps, the most criminal area in New York. Irish and Jewish groups ruled there. However, over time, it was the Italians who became the most influential and secret criminal structure in the United States.

Pay attention to several quotes from Larry Sloman’s book, “Cus also used his lines of communication with wiseguys to get information that was vital in his campaign.” Another quote: “Cus relied on a large system of paid spies and informants who would pass along inside information to him.”

The presence of intelligence always means having a certain organization! Intelligence does not arise just because. Such activities are always carried out in the interests of a certain structure,” – the scientist notes.

Organization which was headed by Cus D’Amato was rather strange. This structure had its own Intelligence service and certain knowledge that most of the contemporaries of Cus considered to be mystical and paranormal. For example, he used hypnosis In working with his fighters, taught them to go out of their bodies and had a number of other things difficult to explain for classical science viewpoint.

Pay attention to the peculiarities of the behavior of Cus D’Amato at meetings with wise guys. He had no stupor at the time when the Dutchman Schultz’s associate had put a pistol to his temple. Cus D’Amato always carried weapons with him. Besides, judging by the numerous witnesses, he had a German shepherd of a huge size which did not let in strangers into the boxing hall. But at the same time, having branched connections with the criminal world Cus D’Amato told his students that they must not contact the mafia.

Apparently, Cus was ready in advance to have a duel with various representatives of the criminal world. The fact he tried to protect his fighters from external contacts with the criminals in every possible way tells us that his students unlike Cus did not understand anything about it and could mess up something. If we talk about the source wherefrom Cus could have taken knowledge of how such organization is formed and managed, by looking back at the origin of the D’Amato family and the history of the Italian criminal tradition it becomes obvious that it is about Ndrangheta. Additionally, this is the only structure, unlike the Mafia and Camorra, which has the mechanism of horizontal distribution to other countries and continents. One of the peculiarities of Ndrangheta is the family ties that bind all members of the organization.

No one conceals the fact that Cus D’Amato was a member of the criminal gang led by his brother. Question that arises: where did this structure disappear after the death of his brother? Besides, death circumstances of Cus’s brother vividly characterize the nature and special skills of the D’Amato family. Remember also Cus’s attitude to money. He said: “Money is something to throw off the back of trains”, “He had enough self-confidence that he felt that anytime he needed money he could earn it.”

“Interesting statement, as in the United States it is commonly believed that money is everything, but attitude of Cus is the way that is inherent in criminal structures and not business structures.

The conclusion that we come to as a result of the analysis of Cus D’Amato’s lifestyle, his acts, the nature of relations with criminals, the existence of his own Intelligence service, desperate fighters for conducting military operations and South Italian origin, directly indicates that we are dealing with the head of a criminal structure.

Certainly, the final conclusions will be presented in the book of Dr. Oleg Maltsev “Lighting Rod that strikes faster than lighting itself” which will be in public domain for all fans of boxing and genius of Cus D’Amato. Moreover, the scientist did not limited himself to desk research and archive work. In December 2017, under the guidance of Dr. Oleg Maltsev an expedition to the homeland of Cus D’Amato was organized.

As you know, Apulia is not only the birthplace of Ndrangheta, but also the birthplace of the Neapolitan style of Spanish fencing, the last mention of which was in 1844 in the treatise of Blasco Florio, “Fencing Science.” During the expedition a number of meetings will be held, including meetings with the hereditary masters of the Neapolitan style.

Therefore, we sincerely wish good luck to the expeditionary group of Oleg Maltsev. No step back!