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Home » Amir Khan taking a selfie on a plane is somehow headline news

Amir Khan taking a selfie on a plane is somehow headline news

Khan was seen enjoying a playful snap on a flight from Australia to Dubai on the back of his stint on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! for ITV recently, although one picture doesn’t really tell the story.

The 31 year-old was hardly ‘partying’ with the cabin crew as the still released couldn’t portray that fact as placed in the misleading headline.

It’s pretty sad these days when the main news in the UK don’t allow readers to get the full story and is frustratingly much worse than the ‘Rock Star Ate My Hamster’ era of the 1980’s.

At least in those days you could read a bit of the front page in order to judge whether to buy or not, but now it’s a case of gaining as many clicks as you can from something that just doesn’t warrant an eye-catching headline.

Granted it’s probably Khan’s fault for documenting these kind of moments for the media to misconstrue, although sleeping soundly in your bed after using such tactics I can imagine would be a tough job for anyone with a conscience. 

The truth is, all Khan has stated recently was about the Jeff Horn fight when he tweeted about Manny Pacquiao’s decision to fight him and lose.

‘King’ Khan, who finished fifth in IACGMOOH, said: “Watching the Horn v Corcoran fight live, now I know why #MannyPacquiao picked Horn to fight & not me,,,, & he still lost.”

That’s about the size of it since leaving the jungle and ‘partying with stewardesses’ just seems like newspapers in England stirring up bollocks with Khan’s missus that he doesn’t need.

Another stated he ‘hasn’t gone to see his wife yet’ – but his movements were all pre-planned and Faryl was well aware of this beforehand. Something out of nothing.

That is all. F*** me!

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay