Tyson Fury unconcerned about career situation, only worried about the weather

Phil Jay 12/12/2017

Tyson Fury is yet to comment on the situation regarding a recent scheduled British Boxing Board of Control / UK Anti-Doping hearing but doesn’t seem worried about it in the slightest.

The former heavyweight king has posted several Instagram clips since he was due to explain a failed drugs test before the Board and an independent panel, only making comment about the cold weather.

Busting out his chinchilla fur, Fury belted out tunes by Ed Sheeran and one of is own personal favorites by Mark Morrison – The Return of the Mack from the 1990’s.

As concerned fans plead with Fury to explain his current standing with the BBBofC regarding regaining his license, the 28 year-old seems happy enough with life as he serenades viewers in his car.

Fury is still training for a potential comeback in 2018 but has to cut through the mass of red tape currently hampering a bid to reclaim the world titles he lost in 2016.

A failed drug test in 2015, coupled with a failure to comply in September 2016, need to be explained – but seem no closer to a resolution until Fury meets with the Board and UKAD.

Millions of pounds are at stake as clashes with Anthony Joshua, Tony Bellew and others hang in the balance, with Fury concentrating on losing weight rather than informing on his battle against a potential ban.

During a recent appearance on Soccer PM on Saturday, Fury announced his intention to clear up the mess surrounding him, although missing initial proceedings to begin that process will only stall a return to action.

UKAD and the British Board won’t comment on whether Fury was even expected to be in London on Monday, whilst WBN has reached out to MTK Global and Hennessy Sports for comment on a rumored breach of his agreement to go through with the hearing.

More is expected to come to the fore this week as Fury continues to enlighten his many social media followers regarding his taste in music.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay