Promoter Lou DiBella rages as stats favor Tevin Farmer despite controversial Kenichi Ogawa loss

WBN 11/12/2017

Promoter Lou DiBella has rightfully questioned the decisions made by judges following what seemed a cut and dried victory for Tevin Farmer on Saturday.

Farmer seemingly won eight to ten rounds of the twelve in a vacant IBF super-featherweight title clash with Kenichi Ogawa only to be on the wrong end of an unfathomable split decision.

Visibly upset by what went down, Farmer has now lost out on a lucrative clash with Gervonta Davis and DiBella was irate over what transpired at the Mandalay Bay.

“I’m starting to hate this sport. F***ing HATE IT! I had Farmer winning nine rounds clearly. How could they do this to this kid? Just horrible. I’m tired of working in this filthy business,” said a clearly fuming DiBella.

“Shame on the judges in #FarmerOgawa. There was NO WAY to give the majority of those rounds to Ogawa, despite his great effort against a BETTER boxer.

“Nevada State Athletic Commission, open your eyes. (And the IBF) do the right thing.

“In the 7th round of #FarmerOgawa, Tevin landed 20/57punches and stunned Ogawa with sharp shots. Ogawa landed 8/41, never hurting Tevin. ALL THREE judges scored the 7th round for Ogawa…ALL THREE!

“Judge Burt Clements didn’t give Tevin Farmer ONE round in the second half of #FarmerOgawa…NOT ONE ROUND. That is simply not what happened. F***ing #boxing!

“We are so used to bad decisions in boxing that we shrug them off and are desensitized to them. To the fighter robbed, particularly if he hasn’t ‘made it’ yet, it’s crushing and can be life-changing. Sad,” he added.

It’s now down to the IBF to investigate how the fight was scored round-by-round, although it’s unlikely a ruling will go in Farmer’s favor.

The 27 year-old, who lost for the fifth time in his career, may have to work himself back into position as Ogawa moves on to a possible encounter with Davis in 2018.