Debate rumbles on with contrasting views on Rigo ‘no mas’ and Smith’s aim to fight with severed ear

Social media has been awash with the view that Guillermo Rigondeaux ‘simply quit’ against Vasyl Lomachenko in what was expected to be one of the most technical fights of the year.

As it turned out, and in line with what some high profile personnel believed, weight played a major factor in disarming Rigondeaux and leaving him like a soldier without a gun against the formidable Ukrainian.

It’s tough enough taking on Lomachenko in his own division but moving up two classes in a bid to do damage to ‘Hi-Tech’ proved way too much of a tall order.

Comments of ‘Rigo’ looking for a way out, even from some of most respected journalists, seem fairly harsh though as the Cuban simply couldn’t deal with what was put in front of him when suffering hand trauma in the second round.

Lomachenko was just too cute and slick for Rigo, who would have needed to have at least brought the super-featherweight ruler down to featherweight to stand any chance whatsoever.

Criticism in the most degrading light has now hit Rigondeaux and there are even questions about whether the amateur legend will even make it back on TV.

In stark contrast, United Kingdom warrior Stephen Smith has been highly praised for his efforts in a nine-round battle with Francisco Vargas.

‘Swifty’ was outgunned by the tough Mexican at times but attempted to fight fire with fire and even wanted to continue when a swollen ear (from a series of Vargas overhand rights) eventually burst from an accidental head clash.

Despite what was a sickening injury, Smith pleaded with Russell Mora to allow him to carry on and left the arena immediately for treatment once the bout was ended.

Vargas took the win, although Smith has once again been applauded to facing one of the best out there and going toe-to-toe for the duration.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay