Loma v Rigo / Salido v Roman: CompuBox stats preview

CompuBox 10/12/2017

CompuBox have once again been crunching the numbers ahead of two massive fights on Saturday night.

Previews for Vasyl Lomachenko’s huge clash with Guillermo Rigondeaux and Orlando Salido’s bout with Micky Roman have been outlined prior to both match-ups.


Loma v Rigo

Loma #1 with +20.1 plus/minus rating- only fighter with a +20 or better rating. Loma landed nearly half his power punches, while throwing 62.8 per round (Rigo avg’d 49 in 6 fights at 122 lbs.). Rigo’s opponents landed 5.1 punches per round- 3x fewer than wgt. class avg. and just 17.1%-#2 on C’Box Cat’ Leaders list & 2nd only to Loma opponents landing just 17%.

Rigo’s opponents landed just 21% of their power shots and an amazing 3.5 per round- slightly more than one per minute.


Salido v Roman

Expect a Power Punch Festival: 91.3% of their combined landed punches are power shots (CompuBox avg.:72%) and 79% of their combined thrown punches are power shots (CompuBox avg.: 58.6%). 57.6 of Salido’s 71.3 thrown punches (80.8%) are power shots and 19.9 of his 21.5 landed punches (92.6%) are power shots. 58 of Roman’s 74.8 thrown punches (77.5%) are power shots and 21.9 of his 24.3 landed punches (90%) are power shots.

Only Srisaket Sor Rungvisai (97.1%) has a higher ratio of landed power shots to total punches.

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