Grenadier Guards stage successful boxing night in Aldershot

Ringside 08/12/2017

The Grenadier Guard held a very successful evening of boxing on November 30 at the Army Combat Centre in Aldershot, which saw the members of the most senior regiment in the British Army compete in an evening of boxing to establish a Grenadier Guards Boxing Team.

The Grenadier Guards are one of the oldest and prestigious regiments in the British Army, having been in existence since 1656. In recent years they have toured Iraq, Afghanistan, Northern Ireland, Kosovo and Bosnia amongst others.

The Regiment has been involved in every British conflict since the 17th Century.

The entertaining evening of boxing was organised by Captain Ty Bearder, SSGT Keith Emmerson and Drill SGT Dan Moore. Captain Bearder, who has been a part of the British Army for 25 years, opened up on the evening’s events.

The Regimental Boxing Officer stated, “Firstly I want to congratulate all the boxers for showing tremendous heart and grit to put on a card of entertaining clashes which saw both fighters give it they’re all.

“I also want to thank SSGT Keith Emmerson and Drill SGT Dan Moore for all the hard work they have put in behind the scenes to make this event possible.

Without them, the event wouldn’t have been possible and I can’t be more grateful to them for what they are doing for Boxing in the Grenadier Guards.”

Boxing has been a long-standing tradition in the Armed Forces and Captain Bearder elaborated on the vision the Grenadier Guards have for Boxing within their regiment.

The Captain stated, “We want to re-implement grassroots boxing into the Regiment. We want to give the soldiers a chance to learn the sport and compete too.

“Everything we do in the Grenadier Guards is 100% and that’s what all the fighters and the coaches, who are also soldiers, showed on the evening of boxing as they showed in training prior to that.We want this to continue for years to come.”

The Grenadier Guards have produced multiple boxers who have continued boxing after their Army Service was complete. One notable name is Manchester’s Lee Carter who weighed in on Boxing within the Grenadier Guards.

The Heavyweight said, “The Grenadier Guard is what gave me my start in boxing and I’ve gone on to box at the Manchester Arena on the undercard of a World title fight.

“Boxing does a lot of good for a lot of people as does the British Army. The Grenadier Guards made me the man I am today and boxing with the Grenadier Guards played a massive part in that.”

More information on The Grenadier Guards can be found on www.facebook.com/thegrenadierguards

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