David Price changes opinion, backs Deontay Wilder ‘to do a job on Anthony Joshua’

Heavyweight contender David Price (22-4, 18KOs) still has unfinished business in the heavyweight division. After winning the Bronze medal for Great Britain in 2008, Price was quickly dubbed as a future world champion when turning professional.

Over the last couple of years, Price, 34, had suffered some devastating losses that with met much criticism from his peers and media. Many has urged the Liverpool native to hang up the gloves.

Price returned to the ring last Saturday with a points win over tough journeyman Kamil Sokolowski and hopes to make a run a world championship in the next year.

While he returns back to proper championship form, Price, in a recent interview on ATG Radio gave his opinion and prediction on a potential 2018 mega-fight between the divisions current top two champions. The Scouse star hopes to land a fight with either of the two in the future.

“My opinion over the last couple of months has changed. I originally thought Anthony Joshua would probably walk through Deontay Wilder because of the way Anthony Joshua has been looking in his fights. Price told ATG Radio

“But I’ve changed my mind on this one because I think Deontay Wilder is underrated and his uses his attributes better than Anthony Joshua as a tall, long fighter.

“Anthony Joshua at his best for me is either mid-range hooks and upper cuts up close. When he’s at long range, he’s struggles to land the same power shots or the same quality of punches which I thought in the Takam fight especially. Where Wilder at long range is devastating and quicker.

“I fancy Wilder to do a job on Joshua now because I think it’s who lands first will win the fight. I think because Wilder is quicker at long range I think he beats Joshua to the punch.

“Unless Joshua got up close to Wilder but Wilder’s fast on his feet. I think has quicker feet than Joshua. This is my current opinion of it all.

The Scouse star plans on climbing back up the heavyweight ranking and hopes to land a fight with either of the two in the future.

Listen to the entire audio interview below:

Tim Kudgis is a longtime host of ATG Radio and contributor to World Boxing News. Please email any questions or comment to tkudgis614@gmail.com