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Home » Exclusive: Shock weight issue hits Lee Selby v Eduardo Ramirez clash

Exclusive: Shock weight issue hits Lee Selby v Eduardo Ramirez clash

Under British rules, Ramirez had to weight no more than 130 pounds for the 126 pound fight on Wednesday, although the Mexican actually came in at 134 during the check.

This initially put the contest in doubt, whilst the IBF have informed WBN this does not necessarily mean a complete end to this weekend’s title encounter in London.

“The IBF rules do not require a 3% (3.8 pounds) three-day weight check as required by the BBBC. Ramirez weighed 8lbs above the limit of 126 lbs required for the championship. Therefore the BBBC will not allow him at this point to weigh less than 128lbs at the weigh in on Friday,” Jeanette Salazar exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It is now up to the promoters of each fighter to determine whether the fight happens or not. However, the BBBC won’t allow it to happen unless their conditions are met.

“If the fight does happen, and providing Selby makes weight on Friday and Saturday, IBF Rule 1.A.2. will apply.

“It states: ‘If the Champion makes the weight and the Challenger fails to do so, the fight may be staged with the understanding that the Champion will retain his title whether he wins or loses the bout.'”

At this point, it seems unlikely the IBF championship will be on the line due to the Board’s weight safety issues and more on the issue is expected to be revealed on Friday.

Selby would not want to cancel the bout completely and then face the prospect of fighting just twice in the past two years, whilst it does look extremely doubtful Ramirez will be able to compete for the Welshman’s belt.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay