David Price says December always too early for David Haye, backs Tony Bellew repeat and reveals whether he’d ever fight his mate

Tim Kudgis 07/12/2017

Former British, English and Commonwealth heavyweight champion David Price returned to the winner’s circle in boxing this past Saturday in Brentwood with a shutout decision over Kamil Sokolowski.

He’s planning to get back in world-level form in 2018 and recently gave his thoughts on the rescheduled rematch between his good friend Tony Bellew and Former heavyweight title holder David Haye on the 5th May 2018 at the 02 Arena.

“The original date in December I thought was too soon for David Haye to be back 100% in 9 months in my opinion.” Price recently told ATG Radio.

“Football players over here suffer the same injury and their out for a hell of a long time. I have a feeling David Haye goes back a little bit and I do think Tony Bellew beats David Haye again.

“He just has his number. But I am a good friend of Tony Bellew as well so I may be a little bit biased.

Price doesn’t necessarily think his fellow Liverpudlian is sure bet to win the anticipated rematch. He feels the long layover would play more towards Haye if time plays a factor.

“I think the fight is a little bit more in Haye’s favor not that the fight has been given another six months more or less because he’s going to have more time for any injuries he’s had to repair.

“It’s keeping Bellew inactive and Bellew’s been very active over the last few years and it helps with his form and performances. I think it suits him to be an active fighter. By the time he fights in May, he won’t have in 15 months.

“It going to be interesting but I’m going to be siding with my fellow scouser Tony Bellew.”

Price was asked if he would ever be interested in an all-Scouser heavyweight showdown against his mate Bellew.

“We’d have to have one of those cups of coffee like me and Tyson Fury did last week *LAUGHS*.

“We’d have to talk about it amongst ourselves before if we were going to do something but we are very good friends. “

“Unless it was a life changing amount of money for myself and obviously for Tony we wouldn’t even entertain it. You wouldn’t know unless it was actually put in front of you I suppose.”

Listen to the entire audio interview below.

Tim Kudgis is a longtime host of ATG Radio and contributor to World Boxing News. Please email any questions or comment to tkudgis614@gmail.com