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Home » Pasillas backs Lomachenko over Rigondeaux following sparring sessions

Pasillas backs Lomachenko over Rigondeaux following sparring sessions

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Pasillas, a southpaw from East Los Angeles, marveled at the speed and quickness of Lomachenko, the Ukrainian star who trains in Oxnard, CA.

“Sparring with Lomachenko was a great experience,” said Victor Pasillas, who trains in Northern California with coach Brian Schwartz. “He has extraordinary speed and precise accuracy with his punches.

Being in the ring with a fighter like Lomachenko, you learn a lot. Moving forward, I’m going to take this experience and apply what I’ve picked up to better my game.

I feel Vasyl will be to big and powerful for the smaller Rigondeaux who is moving up in weight.”

Victor, who has been out of the ring for over two years, will look to get back in the ring in early 2018.

“Unfortunately, I had a few fights fall out,” Pasillas continued. “That happens in boxing sometimes, so I just have to deal with it. I’m looking forward to a fresh new start in 2018.

I’m happy to be part of the Prince Ranch Boxing team and I can see myself in some big fights in the upcoming year.

I’m just going to keep working hard and and take advantage of my opportunity when it presents itself.”

“Victor Pasillas has a lot of talent and we plan to keep him busy in 2018,” stated Greg Hannely, president of Prince Ranch Boxing. “We will be announcing his next fight shortly. He definitely has a bright future.”