‘Last Man Standing’ tournament set for Ireland on March 3

Assassin Boxing Promotions and Red Corner Promotions are delighted to announce the establishment of Ireland’s first ever prizefighter competition.

The concept, that has been sanctioned by The Boxing Union of Ireland, will see eight boxers pitted against each other, where you will see the fighters progress from the quarter final, semi final, to the final, in bouts made up of three by three minute rounds.

Jonathan Graham from Red Corner Promotions stated, ‘This is an exciting concept and one that we are delighted to be part of. The launch of this concept is testament to how far Irish boxing has travelled in the last twelve months. The five figure prize money on offer is not only substantial but incomparable at present. This type of life changing money has not been seen on offer since the glory days of Irish boxing. The desire & determination to win shown by each participate will be unrivalled. Each time they win they will witness a colossal rise in their purse alongside other monetised bonus’ for knock outs and so on.

Kaz Evans from Assassin Boxing commented, ’This is exactly what Irish Boxing needs at this moment in time. This format is fan friendly, and will bring a great buzz to Irish boxing fans. We will see short explosive bouts, with all eight boxers coming to win. Not only is the prize money something for Irish boxers to be excited about, but the added television exposure is something that up until now the majority of Irish boxers could only dream of. Assassin Boxing Ireland and Red Corner Promotions are very close to signing a deal to see boxing return to TV screens across the Republic of Ireland for the first time in almost 10 years’.

Red Corner Promotion’s Jonathan Graham further remarked, ‘The inaugural ‘Last Man Standing’ competition will take place on Saturday, March 3rd in The National Stadium, Dublin. The event itself will cater for ‘the middleweights’, and will be made at a catch weight between 155lb – 165lb. The eight contestants will be announced in January with the entry process opening upon launch. The winner on the night will be awarded the mandatory position for The Irish Middleweight Title.

Kaz Evans added, ’The entire format is something different for Irish boxing fans to digest. The type of fights they’ll see, the prize money, the addition of a broadcast partner, and the promotion of the event will be no different.

“We want something Irish fans can really get involved in, and be apart of. Starting next week, we will have a champagne reception at the sophisticated Dublin Chamber of Commerce, and throughout the promotion of the event, we will see exciting press conferences, open work out’s, media lunches, meet & greets, and weigh ins.’