Conor McGregor may be headed to WrestleMania

Ringside 30/11/2017

Recently, we have all heard about McGregor’s loss in a boxing fight between him and Floyd Mayweather. However, those who think that this is a big flop for the fighter may be in for a surprise.

Reliable sources indicate that McGregor has got a rare offer to appear in WrestleMania. In fact, it is this loss that has attracted attention and has brought him the recognition to head for this big role that he has always eyed.

Inside sources have shown that the UFC star has been training well, eating the best diet and using legal enhancements like Valkyrie Anavar 10. Notably, his physique has significantly improved during his UFC duels.

The Love for WrestleMania

According to one newsroom, Conor is probably not going to let this chance slip through his fingers. It is likely the best stage for his dream career. He has always loved wrestling and has been quoted saying that great stars like The Rock and others are his inspiration. Since his childhood, he has watched and envied fighting in the ring.

His appearance in the April round is a dream come true and a chance to prove that this is what he actually is: a WrestleMania champion.

The Talks

McGregor has confirmed that positive talks are in progress and nothing negative has arisen so far. He also vowed to give this opportunity his best shot to knock it down with all his might. If all goes as planned, his appearance at WrestleMania in April could be his stage to become a WWE star.

Most people have praised his spirit of seizing this opportunity without hesitation. However, the star has also confirmed that he doesn’t agree with everything on the table. He has declined some of the conditions in the offer, and the whole world is waiting to see if this materializes.

What WWE Officials Have to Say

According to Stephanie McMahon, who is the WWE chief, the UFC star from Ireland will add value to this entertainment hub for all fans across the world. She is not hesitant to confirm that she likes his persona, vigor, and enthusiasm to face such a big challenge without fear.

The fact that he speaks what is in his mind is an assurance that he is ready to face the competition and knock them down. She also mentions that the first three months are crucial, and he had better start training harder, doing his muscle building magic and learning more tricks.

What Is in Store for McGregor

Unlike boxing, which is guided and limited to certain fighting tactics like the use of hands, WWE will be a whole different experience altogether. He will face veterans who cannot take anything other than a win. Some are bigger and more energitic, while others are smaller but smart.

However, McGregor still insists that he is headed for a real victory. This assures his fans that he has studied the opponents he will face if he gets a successful entry. Only time will tell if his last loss in boxing is challenge enough to apply better strategies to his game.