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Home » Tyson Fury responds to Chris Eubank Sr’s ‘stopped learning – won one fight and imploded’ comments

Tyson Fury responds to Chris Eubank Sr’s ‘stopped learning – won one fight and imploded’ comments

The retired legend was asked his thoughts of Fury’s achievements in the ring as the one-time heavyweight king plots a course back to the top of the sport.

Eubank Sr. told Brazil: “Tyson Fury, at one time, was learning to box. He had a fight, he won that fight and then he imploded.

“He only got to apprenticeship position, as far as I was concerned, and then he stopped learning.

“Everyone is talking about a fighter who speaks very well in terms of getting people’s attention, but he didn’t learn to fight.”

It wasn’t long before Fury, heading to the gym for his morning workout, gave Eubank Sr. a dressing down.

“Mornings guys, I just read Chris Eubank’s comments on me and how I’d not learned to fight and whatever,” said Fury.

“Do you know what I’ve got to say to you, Chris? A lot of people would look up to you and whatever, and you did achieve some great things, but to try and downplay my achievements when I’ve dedicated my whole life to something, and to try and say bad things, it’s just not called for because the truth of the matter is you only won one belt in your division, I won five in mine – four heavyweight championships of the world, and a Ring magazine belt and Fighter of the Year.

“So when someone dedicates their full life to doing something, and then to try to get downplayed for it by somebody who didn’t achieve half as much, that’s very disrespectful and very distasteful. But good luck in your life and your career,” he added.

Fury is hoping to be back in the ring back April next year but most cut through a mass of red tape at a British Boxing Board of Control / UK Anti-Doping Agency hearing next month in order to secure a license to box.