Joshua questions Wilder, Parker’s PR management, says he swerves ‘clowns, jealousy and negativity’

WBN 29/11/2017

In a first since in-depth interview since questions were raised about Anthony Joshua’s social media activity, the heavyweight champion has responded….well sort of.

Without directly being asked about the situation with Eddie Chambers or the Robert Mugabe posts, Joshua addressed his current position in the sport.

“I think I understand now, everything I have to gain and everything I have to lose,” he told Sky Sports.

“I’ve never played a role. But look at the likes of Muhammad Ali, who became a sporting icon.

“Before I was happy to just be a part of boxing, and felt wherever I get to, it was always better than where I started. I never had a minute to reflect.

“But now I want to stamp my mark and my legacy, and be among the likes of Federer.

“If I want to be considered like these guys, I have to carry myself the right way.

“I want to be like the Ronaldos, Messis, Federers who compete with Nadal, Murray. That’s where I want to take boxing.

“There’s a lot of clowns in my industry, jealousy and negativity. I swerve them,” he added.

On a possible unification and a fight with Tyson Fury, Joshua added: “It is a fight I would like to see but the ball’s in his court – he (Fury) has to get fit.

“When he’s ready, we’ll open the doors, and if he walks through, we’ll welcome him.

“The situation with Parker, we have presented an offer to them, and we’ll patiently wait. Nothing’s been agreed and it’s the same situation with Tyson Fury.”

Cementing where his career is heading and having a pop at how his rivals’ teams handle their own business, Joshua concluded:

“I want to be the undisputed champion of the world, and to do that I must fight Wilder and Parker.

“With Wilder – who said I’m running scared – the same situation, and we’ve been talking with his team.

“We staged a fight with one of the all-time greats, Wladimir Klitschko, and staged a fantastic fight at Wembley, where we put our egos and demands to one side.

“But I just don’t know where Parker and Wilder’s mindsets are and what they want. I just think they have poor PR management.”