Samuel Peter accepts Tyson Fury’s challenge

Peter responded to the challenge saying, “This is an easy decision for me to make. I would love to fight the man who calls himself The Gipsy King.

“I watched Fury’s fight against my former foe, Wladimir [Klitschko]. I congratulate him on his win, although to me, he looked more like a Dancing Queen.”

In Peter’s first controversial meeting with Wladimir Klitschko in 2005, Peter knocked down the Ukrainian giant three times during their bout, but the judges robbed him of the decision.

The younger of the two Klitschko brothers then went on to one of the longest reigning defenses of the heavyweight title, with 18 consecutive title defenses over the span of almost 10 years, until Fury had the audacity to figure out a way to solve the Klitschko puzzle.

“I’m back in the gym and getting things going again,” said Peter. “If Fury is just fast talk, let it be known that I’m back and will take on anyone that is ready to go in 2018. Happy Holidays to all my fans until then!”