Anthony Joshua questions ‘very unprofessional’ Joseph Parker ‘PR stunt’, wants ego’s left aside

Parker and his promoter David Higgins have been widely panned and ridiculed on UK shores, in which video of Joshua been wobbled or knocked down was edited for the press.

In response, and whilst enjoying some downtime in Dubai, the world heavyweight champion questioned Parker and his team’s motives in getting the unification across the line.

“Parker is investing his time in the wrong areas,” Joshua told The Independent. “Does he want publicity? Is it a PR stunt? It’s not about worrying about how we fight.

“I fought Wladimir Klitschko too early but the opportunity came and we managed to come together with one of the all-time greats, we put on a show with no complaints.

“So what is so difficult about fighting this little kid who is doing press conferences? It’s very unprofessional of them. The heavyweight championship is such a respected title to have but stuff like that takes away from the crème de la crème of the title.

 “Boxing is not complicated when working with us. They need to put their egos aside and stop doing silly things like that press conference.”

Asked how a clash with Parker may go in the ring, Joshua answered: “Parker? I don’t disregard him but I think I’d smack Parker around the ring, no problem.”

Joshua is still yet to comment on a mass of flak coming his way regarding a collection of bizarre social media posts, one which was race related and the other featuring controversial dictator Robert Mugabe.

Despite disagreements and a final offer of 65-35 in favour of ‘AJ’, it is thought handshakes on a huge battle could be initiated before the end of the year.