Bizarre Robert Mugabe snap posted on Anthony Joshua’s social media

Firstly, the Joshua post with a caption appeared on the heavyweight champion’s Snapchat on Wednesday afternoon. They were still there later on that night.

Words accompanying a picture of Joshua on his holiday in Dubai stated the following; “Mugabe…is your view what you’ve been told, what you’ve learned through research, or what you’ve been programmed to know via media outlets?”

Considering the current goings-on in Zimbabwe, where Mugabe recently resigned due to impending pressure from a coup, ‘Chief’ could have picked a far different topic to cover.

Everything now points to apparent tampering with Joshua’s accounts after sending several head-scratching messages to Eddie Chambers last week. One of which claimed black was the ‘superior race’ and was released in the public domain.

Being a rumored dictator responsible for widespread crimes against humanity, Mugabe would surely be the last person on Joshua’s mind.

The undefeated puncher is enjoying some well-deserved downtime in Dubai.


Reach for all that’s possible! #VisitDubai #AJBXNG

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A post more likely to be handled by AJ’s media team was placed on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook that same day. It showed Joshua promoting the country he currently resides in.

An investigation began into goings-on with Joshua’s social media began over the weekend but didn’t seem to have been halted by those overseeing the checks by late midweek.