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Home » Joseph Parker willing to drop to 35% in order to seal Anthony Josuha unification

Joseph Parker willing to drop to 35% in order to seal Anthony Josuha unification

As talks continue with Eddie Hearn behind the scenes, Parker and his promoter David Higgins are clearly holding out for a better deal.

“Team Parker have met and will categorically state we will only unify if the deal is an open book revenue share,” stated Duco.

“In good faith, we have moved down from our opening 40% position which demonstrates we genuinely want to unify and will put it all on the line but our revised non-negotiable bottom line is 35% of net profit (from the event).”

Duco then went on to explain why 35% is their final offer.

“Joshua has two of the major belts, Parker has one of the major belts and unification happens maybe once every ten years and has special value,” they pointed out.

“Kids around the world dream of becoming heavyweight champion and setting their families up for life (and Parker is no different). Joseph is a genuine world champion and has earned the right to a fair purse and a respectable 35% share of an historic unification bout,

“Joshua has stated repeatedly he wants to unify the heavyweight division this year, and if they are sincere, then Eddie Hearn needs to make a fight with Parker or Wilder. If Joshua takes a hand-picked voluntary it will be embarrassing for both.

“The pie is much bigger for unification as it’s triple the size of a voluntary and a true once a decade global event. And we are offering Hearn and Joshua 65% of every big pie.

“If they take the weak option and go for voluntary they are choosing to grab 80% or 90% of a very small pie. Also, a voluntary would lack any credibility after their stated desire to unify.”