New Zealand weekend results round-up

Ringside 19/11/2017

Four Boxing events happened across New Zealand this weekend, with us seeing a New National Champion, a defending Champion and the ultimate call out from a Commonwealth games medalist.

First event happened at ABA Stadium on friday night, promoted by Boxing Alley for their charity event. In the main event, Joshua Tongalea made his pro debut against Avefu’a Iakopo Jnr (0-2-0). The bout went the full four rounds and ended in a Draw.

The next night at the same venue, Isaac Peach promoted his event with two massive main event pro bouts. First fight saw 2014 Commonwealth Games Silver Medalist David Light (1-0-0), taking on Vaimoli Ioelu (0-4-0). Light won the bout by Unanimous decision however it’s what came next that was a big surprise. After the Bout, Light took to the microphone and called out former WBA World title contender Robert Berridge. The next main event bout saw Tyrone Warren (3-0-1) take on Irish debutant Bryan Donnelly. Donnelly won the bout by Unanimous decision which was the biggest upset for the weekend. Tyrone Warren future is now up in the air as he is scheduled to fight next weekend in rotorua for the vacant Light Heavyweight NZNBF title.

In Wellington Craig Thomson promoted an event at the Indian Cultural Centre. Craig Thomson (7-0-0) fought earlier in the night taking on Jody Allen (2-20-0). Craig Thomson won his bout by 2nd round TKO. Jody Allen has officially retired after this bout. A pro heavyweight bout also on the card with Cory Enoka taking on Thomas Russell (0-1-0). Enoka won the bout by UD. And finally Asher Derbyshire (8-3-0) defended his New Zealand National (NZPBA) Cruiserweight title against Tipene Maniapoto (5-1-0). Derbyshire dominated the bout and knocked down Maniapoto multiple times throughout the bout. Derbyshire won by UD which the judges scoring 98-90 98-90 and 99-89 to Derbyshire. What will happen next in Derbyshire career is unknown. Zane Hopman could be on the card as they were originally scheduled to fight a few months ago but hopman pulled out due to injury. Other fighters names could be thrown in including Panuve Helu, David Aloua, Nikolas Charalampous. Craig Thomson himself has stated he wanted to fight for a title before he retires himself. And finally what is considered a dream fight is Asher Derbyshire vs Lance Bryant.

Final event that happened in New Zealand was in Cambridge, promoted by Nigel Elliot at the Cambridge Racecourse. Mubin Mohammed (0-4-0) took on Debuting boxer Matthues Mes. Mohammed was knocked down in the first round but fought on throughout the fight. Mes one the fight by Unanimous Decision. Women’s heavyweight contest between two debuting boxers, Caroline Daniels vs Ashley Campbell. It was a close fight between the two heavyweights but Daniels won the bout by Split Decision. Caroline Daniels sister was in the main event. Lani Daniels (1-0-0) took on Trish Vaka (0-2-0) in a rematch for the vacant New Zealand national (NZPBA version) Light Heavyweight Title. Daniels won the bout by unanimous decision. The big question is what is next? Word is going round that Sarah Long who weighed in at 78 kgs last weekend, could be named mandatory challenger for Lani Daniels title. The two other options could include two potencial massive fights for the Women’s Heavyweight division in New Zealand. Geovana Peres who unified the NZNBF and PBCNZ light heavyweight New Zealand titles could be an option, with the potential for Peres to do a full unification of New Zealand titles. The other option is NZPBA Heavyweight champion and ranked 6th in WBA, Alrie Meleisea in the hopes to get a future world title shot.