Shocker: ‘Sick and tired’ Darryll Williams ‘has nothing left to give’ at 27, announces retirement

Joe Hewlett 18/11/2017

Last night, Darryll Williams announced his shock retirement from boxing after admitting politics within the sport has got in the way of his will to succeed.

The 27-year-old won the English title after defeating Jahmaine Smyle in April before defeating him again in a rematch this summer.

He confirmed his decision by taking to social media.

“Today I announce my retirement from boxing I came into boxing at 18 years old I was a street fighter and just wanted to take peoples head off I am now 27 years old and have had 25 fights in my whole career.

“What I have achieved is amazing in this space of time but due to being involved with wrong people injury’s and other issues my career has always been put on hold or stop and start.

“I have always had a drive and ambition to fight but I am tired and sick of the politics involved in this sport. To be honest, it is not sport it’s a business and me and many others get abused and taken for a ride.

“I have made many sacrifices to reach a goal in the ring and I have nothing left to give this sport.

“A word of advice to anyone who is starting boxing or wants to do it; Do not allow yourself to have any distractions and make sure your team has your best interest at heart.”

The super-middleweight, who was trained by Ricky Hatton, later posted again on social media to send his gratitude and appreciation to those who had supported him throughout his journey.

“I want to give a thank you to a guy that helped me get off the street and let me know there is more to life then just the pavement and estates.

“David John, I also want to thank my previous manager Dean Powell, (rest in peace) for giving me a chance. Maybe things would of been different if he was still here – who knows?

“I want to say thank you to a friend and I guy who trained me and took me on when nobody else wanted to, Eddie Lam, my manager Micky Helliot – also a big thank you and the whole team at Ricky Hatton’s boxing gym.

“Blain Younis, Mike Jackson and Ricky Hatton himself.

“My daughter needs to be the main importance in my life now I will not be answering any calls because I just want some time to myself as this isn’t easy for me.”

His decision can’t have been easy after possessing an unbeaten record of 16-0 in the pro ranks, however, whatever he decides to do next, World Boxing News would like to wish him all the best for the future and congratulate him on being such a credit to the sport.

Joe Hewlett is lead writer for World Boxing News. Follow Joe on Twitter @Hewlett95