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Eddie Chambers eases off in Anthony Joshua ‘superior race’ row

Eddie Chambers engaged in a phone interview with BWTM Sports Channel on Friday night to go over his current beef with Anthony Joshua.

‘Fast Eddie’ had accused the heavyweight champion of abusing him earlier, providing apparent evidence of Instagram messages, including racial tones, aimed at the American.

Eddie Chambers and Anthony Joshua

The term ‘disgrace to the superior black race’ was used by whoever sent the DM through Joshua’s official account, and Chambers was stunned by what got sent.

Joshua’s promoter Eddie Hearn firstly claimed the account was fake before Chambers went a step further by posting a video that proved the messages genuine.

Just hours later, though, and after social media was awash with questions on whether Joshua himself contacted Chambers and what his views could be regarding race, the veteran seemed to back away from anything racial.

Superior Race

“It’s not that it’s a racist comment. He’s just being derogatory towards me,” claimed Chambers to BWTM.

“If you wanna call it racist and if it’s him saying it, he feels that black is the superior race, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s racist in saying that others aren’t nothing. He just thought he was better.

“It’s like being a fighter and saying, ‘I’m better than him. It doesn’t make you a racist. It just makes you feel like you’re better, and that’s fine.

“I just feel like he’s coming at me, but it has nothing to do with a race issue. It’s the media, and people do that. It sells.

“It’s not that I’m defending him. It is what it is versus what people are trying to make it out to be. It’s not a race issue, so don’t bring that into it.

“That’s him saying I’m a disgrace to the ‘superior’ black race,” he then reiterated.

Social media

Whether it was Joshua who said it or not, some people have taken a real offense to social media comments and believe ‘AJ’ is being protected by the mainstream media, who have not reported the incident whatsoever.

One Tweeter, for instance, stated that if Tyson Fury had said ‘superior white race,’ there would have been hell to pay, and the UK newspapers would have jumped all over it.

It seems Chambers, whether under pressure or not, has decided to back off, while Hearn and Joshua are yet to fully acknowledge an exchange that could be highly detrimental to the 2012 Olympic gold medallist’s standing as Britain’s most treasured boxer.

Any media deals and lucrative contracts could be in jeopardy if Chambers moved forward with a race angle. However, luckily for Joshua (or whoever from his team was responsible for sending it out), it seems the row has bypassed punishment.

The views expressed in this article are the opinions of Phil Jay.

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