Fitzdares: From betting to boxing – Future stars in action on Friday

Ringside 17/11/2017

2020 Olympic prospects are amongst the talented fighters from legendary gyms Fitzroy Lodge, Finchley ABC, Dale Youth, Lynn Boxing Club and Lewsey Boxing Club who are getting in the ring for four hotly contested fights between the North & South London gyms on Friday night.

Fitzdares has spent months scouring the gyms to identify star quality of the future.

“We love unsung heroes, so working with coaches like Sean Murphy and Mark Reigate to understand what it is they see in these guys has been fascinating,” said Charles Lee, Head of Boxing at Fitzdares.

“Following the path from grassroots to the top of the mountain is intriguing. We hope we can shine a light on some future names to follow and support some great gyms,” added Lee.


Joey Epshon
Weight – 75kg
Boxing record – 6 bouts, 6 wins
Trains at Fitzroy Lodge. ‘My first bout must be my biggest win at the moment because it’s the start of the journey,’ he says. ‘Let’s see when it ends.’

Jack Johnstone
Weight – 75kg
Boxing record – 10 bouts, 6 wins
Trains at Finchley and was recently awarded Boxer of the Night at the Waltham Forest Show after winning on points. ‘That was my biggest win,’ he says. ‘Because I earned fight of the night, and it was a tough bout – but I hope to fight tougher opponents.’


Charlie Wincott
Weight – 75kg
Boxing record – 16 bouts, 10 wins
Trains at the Lynn Boxing Club and is a two-times national novice finalist. His most notable win came last season, when he secured his first national title at light middleweight. Describes himself as ‘a pressure fighter. I come forwards – when I first started I was a brawler, but now I box a bit more, move my head slip the punches. Whatever I do, I always keep the pressure on.’

Jonathan Kumuteo
Weight – 71kg
Boxing record – 25 bouts, 16 wins
Trains at Finchley with Sean Murphy and last year reached the ABA Novice Championships National Semi-Finals. Describes himself as ‘a come-forward mover. I like to hold the centre of the ring, use my jab and box at a range.’


Tosin Olalekan
Boxing weight – 71 kg
Boxing record – 22 bouts,18 wins
20 years old and trains at Fitzroy Lodge. A technical fighter who won the Haringey
Box Cup in 2015. His biggest win so far was in a bout against an army champion. ‘I
had to dig deep for the win,’ he says. ‘So I know I can do it.’

Shafqat Khan
Weight – 72kg
Boxing record – 19 bouts, 13 wins
Trains at the Lewsey Boxing Club in Luton having taken up boxing aged 15. He has won the Home Counties novice championships four times and reached the national novice championships semi-finals.


Kyran O’Neill
Weight – 60kg
Boxing Record – 36 bouts, 24 wins
An adaptable fighter trains at Dale Youth who’s moderated from his earlier, high-pressure style to being more of a counterpuncher. ‘I’ve now found the perfect balance, can do both well, and change mid-fight if needed,’ he says. Has been a National finalist once, semifinalist twice, was in the England international squad 2015-16 and ranked #6 in England 2016. Also launched the nutrition app MakeWeight to help boxers cut weight safely before fights.

Francis Storey
Boxing weight – 57-60kg
Boxing record – 30 bouts, 26 wins
A boxer at Finchley ABC, training with Sean Murphy, Storey won last year’s Alliance National Championships in the youth category. An aggressive, relentless fighter, his personal stand-out bout to date was a win against England’s Callum Thompson.