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Home » Boobs for breakfast and a Ferdinand fight: Media take Hatton jokes to sensationalized level

Boobs for breakfast and a Ferdinand fight: Media take Hatton jokes to sensationalized level

As reported by WBN on Wednesday morning, Hatton joked he’d fancy a heavyweight clash with Ferdinand due to the former England star’s ties to Manchester United.

Ferdinand, 39, is in training for a professional contest with boxing champion Richie Woodhall and die-hard Manchester City fan Hatton fancied a piece of the action with tongue firmly in cheek.

From the early hours, Hatton’s comments were blown out of proportion, with one outlet even using a clickbait headline to state the ‘Hitman’ was ‘to make a comeback’.

On the back of Hatton’s breakfast pictures with busty women being ‘exposed’ by one such newspaper, it’s becoming more of a headscratcher in the case of those who lure readers in with no substance.

Plenty of celebrities are being subjected to headlines about their ‘growing roots’ and other such wastes of the paper their written on, whilst top stories on the likes of Anthony Joshua playing volleyball or Floyd Mayweather posting a picture of his wealth are becoming common-place to see.

Whilst WBN tries wholeheartedly to give as much information in the title as possible in order to outline what the content will be, there are plenty of news centers constantly picking up on the what is really never meant to carry an article.

In some quarters, and dependent on their status, a boxers social life is being focused on more than his career, which is a shame – especially when Hatton is attempting to bring through a stable of champions.

Had there been many of those headline-makers willing to write as much about his gym as they do about what he enjoys with his breakfast, Hatton’s fighters may be well-publicised names by now.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay