Rated: Top five money-making bouts of 2018

As 2017 comes to a close, the most lucrative bouts of the coming year have been rated ahead of December’s annual wishlist.

There’s been so much of talk of late about which fights the fans want to see happen over the next twelve months, with WBN noting the fights purely on their ability to make money.

No prizes for guessing which fighter dominates the list, but that would solely hinge on Floyd Mayweather making a comeback in 2018.

To combat this, Mayweather has been incorporated into his own list as the likes of Anthony Joshua, Gennady Golovkin and Canelo Alvarez take center stage for the more realistic section.

Here are the lists:

Without Floyd Mayweather

1. Gennady Golovkin v Canelo Alvarez II – Pay-Per-View powerhouse bout expecting 2m plus buys in US alone.

2. Canelo Alvarez v Manny Pacquiao – The two biggest pay-per-view names around would still make a fair amount in revenue.

3. Manny Pacquiao v Conor McGregor – McGregor has a big enough fanbase to add clout to Pacquiao’s loyal following and bring in the dollars.

4. Gennady Golovkin v Andre Ward – The last two pound for pound king’s sharing a ring at a catchweight of around 170 pounds would certainly have a sound financial footing.

5. Anthony Joshua v Deontay Wilder – A heavyweight clash which gives both fighters the chance to be showcased on Showtime PPV for the first time. 

**Based on Tyson Fury not making back in 2018

With Floyd Mayweather:

1. Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor II – For obvious reasons

2. Floyd Mayweather v Manny Pacquiao II – For obvious reasons

3. Floyd Mayweather v Gennady Golovkin – The only real value for money fight out there for Floyd right now.

4. Floyd Mayweather v Terence Crawford – Crawford is billed as the new US star and would give a master vs future angle.

5. Floyd Mayweather v Amir Khan – Khan holds a huge army of supporters, many of whom believe he’s the only fighter who can truly trouble Mayweather.

As it stands, boxing is yet to find that one flagbearer who can take over the reigns from Mayweather, which is good for the fans regarding Pay-Per-View prices but on the flipside is bad for the profile of the sport.