Mauricio Sulaiman column: Entering the mustache stakes, helping Joshua v Wilder happen

I am growing a mustache for the first time in my life. This is to join the Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and the campaign “Movember.” We all need to take a step forward and make sure we all take prevention as a norm and have regular medicals. Cancer is our enemy, but if detected early it can be battled and defeated.

What a statement by our proud WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder! While a few choose to criticize and question Stiverne, I praise Wilder – athletic, strong and fast. I have not seen a heavyweight throw the jab with such sharpness and precision since Larry Holmes.

Stiverne was timing the jab and was moving his head very well waiting for the right moment to counter, then came the bomb, a right hand which connected right on the chin through Stiverne’s gloves, and down he went. Wilder stood on top of him, screaming “Get up,” which made me remember Muhammad Ali, but Wilder screamed with such fury and anxiety, it was no show – it was real. Stiverne got up and was dropped again and again. A first-round knockout, just like the good old times of Mike Tyson!

So, this past Saturday night I saw three elements from legendary Hall of Famers Ali, Holmes, and Tyson – all in one – and the heavyweight division is BACK!!!!

Everything is set for Wilder vs. Joshua. Wilder told me specifically that he wants Joshua next, and he asked the WBC to do whatever it takes to support the making of this fight. Now it is up to the promoters, managers, and TV corporations to make it happen. Both fighters want it, the world wants it, and boxing needs it.

It was very special to see Don King’s appearance at the press conference. His magic was there, he made it special and entertaining. It was great to have been there in person to experience this moment as he has not been active in recent years, and to see him perform at his young age of 86 was a treat by itself for all those present in New York.

I have read once again that there is a movement trying to have women’s boxing with three-minute rounds and 12 rounds instead of 10. It’s embarrassing to see people want to make news through topics as delicate as these two matters. There is nothing more sacred than the safety of the fighters, and the WBC has solid medical research that explains why there are different rules for women in most, if not all sports, including boxing.

Anyone supporting three-minute rounds and 12 round fights might have to end up explaining their actions after a fatal accident happens, and will have to live with the guilt forever.

The WBC clean boxing program is moving along very well. The WBC has created a Nutrition Committee which will be a very solid complement to the CBP, and will provide great aid to fighters and their camps.

This week there will be several announcements about some of the cases which have been dealt with within the Clean Boxing Program.

I really enjoyed watching the Shawn Porter vs. Adrian Granados fight. Porter won the WBC welterweight silver championship and ratified his status as mandatory challenger in the division. Granados is a tough fighter and his record is misleading – he has great heart and can truly fight. Porter injured his left hand, and it was dramatic to see him in pain in the last two rounds, trying to make it to the end of the fight. These two warriors taught a lesson of sportsmanship and brotherhood to all during this fight. But when that bell rang, they gave it all in a very exiting match.

WBC bantamweight champion Luis Nery survived a flash knockdown in Tijuana and went on to win by TKO in the sixth round. He is now in line to fight the mandated rematch against former champion Shinsuke Yamanaka from Japan.