David Coldwell confirms Jamie McDonnell weight move

Ringside 07/11/2017

Jamie McDonnell’s incredible run at bantamweight came to an unsatisfactory end last weekend as his rematch with Liborio Solis was declared a No Contest in the third round.

McDonnell, bleeding profusely from a sickening clash of heads, was desperate to erase the controversy that surrounded the first meeting but any hopes of that were eradicated after he was deemed unfit to continue.

Dave Coldwell, McDonnell’s trainer, is seeking fresh challenges a division north and is confident his charge can have similar success at super-bantamweight.

“The time is right now to move up,” insists Coldwell with an emphatic tone.

“Jamie had an absolutely fantastic run at bantamweight and there was no doubt that he was one of the very best in the world.

“The last couple of fights have seen him really struggle with the weight and although he’s been ok on the scales, we don’t want the concern that it might eventually catch up with him.

“We’ve basically outgrown the weight and I know Jamie is going to be a much better fighter when he’s more comfortable at the weight and I can’t wait to see him get there.

“There’s massive fights ahead for him and I can’t wait to help plot the next move for him.”

On Saturday’s performance, Coldwell added, “Although it was only three rounds, I was more than satisfied with what I saw.

“Jamie moved really well and wasn’t on the ropes at all and there were some excellent body shots going in from him.

“The cut happened and it was a bad one but I do think the chance to let our team work on it wasn’t granted and the decision was made a little too soon.

“Let us look at the cut and see if we can do anything and if not then fair enough.

“It’s been a brilliant last few years for Jamie at bantamweight and it’s a shame we couldn’t finish with a win, but there’s many more big nights ahead for him.”