NETent Live Casino Dealers Now Available At Online Casino Cleopatra

WBN 06/11/2017

Casino Cleopatra has gone a notch higher by partnering with several game developers to bring gamers an extraordinary and memorable experience.

The online gaming casino has partnered with Netent, an established game developer, to bring players exceptional playtime. With over ten additional games from NetEnt, Casino Cleopatra has become a favorite among gamers attracting thousands of participants globally on a daily basis. NetEnt has brought on board games such as Zombies, Twin Spin,Vikings Treasure ,Wild Water among others.


With an option to participate in a live game, the casino enables players to participate from anywhere in the world in real-time. For this reason, the website attracts several participants who engage fellow players several hours a day in play. Gaming has to exciting and fun. Engaging players without the limit of time and distance adds a lot of thrill to it and this is one of the reasons why Casino Cleopatra stands out from other gaming sites.

Online players make a community of its own kind and come from different backgrounds. As such, they are more comfortable participating in the language they understand best. Casino Cleopatra has enabled this by integrating several languages from which players can choose, to allow them to play with ease. Players can choose this quickly from by clicking on an icon at the top right-hand side of the site and choose from over ten languages listed.

To make payments easier, gamers have several options at their disposal. A lot of service providers have been brought on board to ensure that gamers do not go through any constraints while remitting or receiving funds. Most online gaming providers partner with just a select few money-remittance companies, essentially locking out participants who cannot access their services.

The bonus reward system, known as cashback is another encouraging addition that ensures players have something to look forward to. Once a player gathers a given number of points, a certain percentage is credited back to their account, leaving them with more money to participate in more games. The cashback system is layered into several levels and players can work towards gaining up to 15% at the platinum level.

Acknowledging that the number of games may be too much for players to sift through one by one, the portal allows gamers to choose from an A to Z list or by using a providers list. Thus, a little background information regarding the provider or at least the name of the game would help a player to navigate with ease. Nevertheless, choosing a game should not be an uphill task given that website is highly user-friendly.

In ensuring that players gain to the maximum, the casino has put in place a support team that is accessible through live chats. Players can forward their queries and questions on the live chat and get immediate feedback. This is essential in helping gamers counter any challenges they may come across when navigating the website. Live chat also gives players access to valuable information from a circle of well-informed support team, thus boosting the confidence of players.

Online gaming is fast gaining popularity and stakeholders are continuously putting in an effort to give participants a unique experience.Casino Cleopatra has cut a niche for itself for its simplicity while still keeping the ability to amaze visitors.

By providing players with a lot of information including comprehensive FAQ, the provider exhibits a commitment to the satisfaction of clients. Getting a gaming experience that is memorable requires the participation of both the player and the provider. Casino Cleopatra has done an outstanding job in ensuring that the player has a smooth sail on the website, which guarantees repeat clients.